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December 17 2018

My latest wares of 2018 (unless I fit in another cheeky pit firing)… Happy Christmas!

December 11 2018

A lovely weekend in London, exhibiting with artist friends from a group that has run for 33 years!

November 19

A more muted result from the latest pitfire … which included banana skins, coffee grounds, and a smaller fire than last time. These are 20-22cms. I’m about to start experimenting with sealing them so they are water-tight.

November 8

The exhibition in Newark in now on, and there’s ‘Meet the Makers’ on Saturday, so if you are in or near Newark… 12-4pm.

November 7 2018

The latest additions to the pit fired family!

October 19 2018

gallery 6 flyer_edited-2

My first gallery exhibition!

October 17 2018

The latest from the Manor Wood Kiln. Some nice oribe glaze results, some trials of locally sourced ‘Mayfield valley’ iron oxide (er, black) and ash tree ash (insufficient to make good marks). Some nice celadon and tenmoku, and some trials with copper carbonate powder on my ‘copper red that is white’ glaze that I aim to develop with new toy, an atomiser for spraying liquid oxides…

September 23  2018

A great weekend at the Sheffield Ceramics Festival! Lots of pots sold, met lots of friends old and new, interest in a pitfiring course from several people (watch this space!) and interest from a gallery owner.

September 17 2018

The last few photos finished for this website…. and news that I have been selected for for a Northern Potters Association south east region Group Exhibition (my first!) at Gallery 6 in Newark in November.

September 15 2018

Website go-live date. It’s still ‘in production’ (I’m teaching myself wordpress as I go)… so I know there’s captions missing, but I hope you enjoy it! Finally also designed myself a ‘stamp’ for my pots… now got to get one made.

September 7 2018

Can’t wait for Sheffield Ceramics Festival! Here are some pots fresh from the Manor Kiln… (not all are mine though!)

IMG_20180904_144841462_HDR (2)