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August 2020


Exciting! My vases went on a floral photoshoot  organised by florist @erinhoggard and beautifully shot by @jwhorner (instagram).


A soggy wood firing, but with textbook temperature rise, and some very pleasing results of my new celadon glazes. I’ve been playing with food friendly glazes and now have about 7 ranging from yellow through green to blue, and black. I’m also enjoying the no-glaze effect too!

July 2020

Lots of throwing this month – back to porcelain.



June 2020

A Covid affair… Socially distanced etc but great to get to the Manor Kiln again. Windy and cold at kick off but it led to quite a fast firing in the end. A pretty successful firing for everyone! See what’s on offer from this firing on my For Sale page.

May 2020

Some test pieces for wood fired domestic stoneware – very shiny black tenmoku with a lovely speckled red that’s occasionally peeps through. Thanks to at @stevebooton for firing them.

Trying out some new hand built forms.

April 2020

First pit firing of the year and it was a good one! Tred out new ingredients and flames were spectacular!

March 2020

It took 3 weeks to get the kiln fired while 2 weekend storms rocked the UK, and even then it was still windy!. We got some pretty goood results though, and mine will be on show at the Hepworth and Bonsall Arts Trail in May and April – see Events for more info.

February 2020

Packing the wood kiln, then an agonising week wait for storm Ciara to pass.

January 2020

New year, new directions! Working on going large. Using the same simple forms and applying brushwork inspired by calligraphic and natural forms. Destined for the wood kiln soon, along with the usual wood kiln ‘special effects’ finishes that I love so much..


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